What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led and business-funded organisation which allows local businesses to decide what they want for their area. If the majority of businesses vote yes, then the BID will be formed and a 5-year plan for the BID will be developed. 


If successful, Tooting Town BID would become the 5th BID in Wandsworth Borough.  


What will the BID deliver?

Better recognition of your town

  • Raise awareness of the hidden gems of Tooting.

  • Deliver bespoke solutions for your business. For example a digital ‘see inside’ virtual tour for your business and cost-saving benefits such as securing bulk discounts and competitive rates for your businesses to help reduce your operating costs on things like merchant fees, water, gas & electricity, telecoms, pest control, safety & compliance.

  • Develop a consumer facing website for the regular shoppers in Tooting.

Enhancing the offer

  • Hold one large experiential event a year where the business community can play an active role in helping promote and drive people to the town centre.

  • Raising Standards – Offer unique environmental solutions to enhance the appearance of the high street

  • Loyalty for local employees – introduce loyalty benefits to encourage employees in Tooting to buy locally from the town’s businesses by receiving exclusive offers.

  • Provide a voice for Tooting businesses by taking on the challenges of every day and strategic issues as well as lobbying for improvements on matters of importance such as customer parking.

Celebrating your town

  • Celebrating Tooting’s great independent businesses who play a key part in the area and who would benefit from dedicated campaigns.

  • Town Centre Branding to promote the business offerings in the area.

  • Be engaged with local events and where possible, partner up with existing events / festivals in Tooting.

Case Studies


What happens now?

Your Tooting Town BID business plan will be with you from 24th October explaining in detail what the BID will aim to achieve. You can also view the business plan online here along with the BID Operating Agreement which can be read here.

Ballot dates:

8th Nov 2019 -
5th Dec 2019


For all enquiries please contact info@tootingtownbid.co.uk

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